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Save hundreds of hours and boost student accountability with Tally’s automated attendance

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Automatic Attendance

Roll call?
Not anymore

Teachers shouldn’t have to learn complicated technology to do their job. Just plug-in our reader to automatically track class attendance. No app required!

Organized Schedule

Your day,
in one place

Students can receive school news, provide teacher feedback, and check their class schedules from anywhere

Intelligent Curation

Only see what you need in your feed

Tally intelligently learns from your habits and preferences to show only the most relevant information at the right time.

Customizable Cards

Don't need an app, just tap!

Tally includes smart identification cards with your school logo and colors for every student and faculty member.

Just tap a card against any phone with the Tally app installed or use a classroom's Tally Reader to instantly take attendance.

Hover to preview colors:

Tap to preview colors:

Accessibility Answered

Designed with everyone in mind.

Tally supports a wide variety of accessibility features. Large text size, voice commands, and screen-reader support.

Privacy First

Privacy and data taken seriously

Tally stores personal preference data securely on-device. We never upload or share this data with third-parties.